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July 2014What is Energy Work?
Reiki is a form of energy work.  It is a complementary therapy and healing modality used to promote balance in the body.  It helps to activate natural cellular restoration for mind/body health and wellness.  It breaks up stagnant energy in the body that builds up from stress and can accelerate the body's natural healing process.
Benefits of Energy Work
Enhanced Relaxation
Reduced Stress Levels
Improved Sleep
Detoxifies the Body
Balances Energy
Reduces Pain
Enhances Sense of Well-Being
       Improves Sense of Mind/Body Balance
Promotes the Body's Natural Healing Processes
What is an energy session like?
Reiki is a non-invasive therapy where the client remains fully clothed, seated in a chair, or laying down.  It is a welcome therapy for those who have been through traumatic experiences and may be uncomfortable with being touched, as Reiki is a "no-contact" healing modality.  The practitioner places their hands over the energy centers and meridians of your body transferring and feeling energy movement.  If the energy feels like it is shifting or is not stable, the practitioner stays at that location continuing to work on the energy until it settles and balances.   Sometimes the client can feel the energy moving, sometimes they can't.   They may instead  feel warmth or coolness as the energy moves or they may feel some tingling.    Each session is a personal experience for each client. Most people report that they feel calmer and less stressed after a session, although some report feeling energized because their mind and body feel lighter.  
Janise Witt Photography
Sedona, Arizona
July 2016How can the average person understand energy?
We all have bio-field energy.  We can feel it when someone is in a bad mood and we know to stay away from them, even if they haven't told us they are in a bad mood.  We simply read it in the energy they give off.  The same is true if someone is in a good mood.  We just "know" it.  Police officers, firefighters, soldiers, etc. all use bio-field energy instinctively, as well as, through training.  They use this to determine if danger is lurking around the corner they can't see around or if they sense someone isn't telling the truth.  Many can even "feel" when a dangerous situation is about to erupt before it even happens.  They "feel" the energy of the event.  Moms are also well equipped in the energy department.  They have "eyes in the back of their heads", simply knowing when their child is up to something without even looking. This is all perceived through the reading of energy. 
Why should I have my energy balanced?
The same reason you rotate your tires!  You get worn out and need to feel more balanced. 
Energy gets drained and your emotional and physical treads wear down.  We absorb the energy of our environment.  When you are in a high stress job day after day or you are worn down from life's daily activities, or you are recovering from or dealing with trauma and PTSD, the energy becomes toxic and manifests in your body as aches, pains, illnesses, irritability, sleeplessness,  and overall feelings of being drained and just, plain tired.  An energy work session can help balance your personal energy, helping you to feel more relaxed, more connected to your life, and enhance your overall mind/body health and well-being.  Your families will thank you for it when you are less tense, happier, and feeling more like yourself again. 
How do I know it works?
I was skeptical when I first started looking into energy work.  I didn't understand it, until I found out the military was starting to use it as an alternative therapy to treat soldiers who are suffering from PTSD.  Out of curiosity, I scheduled a session of my own and for the first time, I felt like the energy of my trauma was being lifted away from me.  I felt lighter.  I felt calmer.  I felt like I regained pieces of myself.  I went back for two more sessions with improved results every time.  It was relaxing, calming, and a welcome relief from all that I had been carrying around in my energy. The modalities that I share with you on this site are modalities that I have used with great success for my own well-being, as well as, that of my clients.
Energy work, like meditation, has many different avenues and ideas attached to it.  Some are spiritual and/or religious, some are not.  Not every form of energy work is the same, nor is every kind of meditation the same.  It's important to understand that there are many schools of thought and many practices that are used all over the world.   The kind of energy work that I practice is designed to keep your personal experiences with trauma, PTSD, stress, and anxiety in mind while undergoing treatment. 
Energy work and meditation are encouraged in conjunction with traditional medical care and are not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. Please consult with your health care professional for medical advice. 

Janise Witt Photography
Sedona, Arizona
July 2016 

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