PEACEFUL WARRIORS - A peaceful warrior resides within each of us.
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Thank you to our nation's military, police officers, firefighters, 
emergency workers, and their families. 
The road our nation travels with trauma and post-traumatic stress 
is one that impacts all of us.   


Mindful Magazine: February 2015:  Healing Waters: 
War Veterans find solace in rafting and meditation.

Popular Science: March 2013  The Army's Ambitious Fight Against PTSD

Brainline Military

Wounded Warrior Project:  Restore Warriors

The Washington Times:Marines expanding use of meditation training Mind Fitness Training found to help troops improve
mental performance under stress of war

The Huffington Post:Mindfulness Could Help Ease War-Related PTSD Symtpoms, Study Finds

The New York TimesHow Meditation May Change the Brain

Science Daily:Mindfulness Therapy Might Help Veterans With
Combat-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The California Report:Meditation Program Help Vets Cope
with the Trauma of War

 The Thinker's PlaygroundHow Meditation Can Physically Change Your Brain

Veterans and Addiction:


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