PEACEFUL WARRIORS - A peaceful warrior resides within each of us.

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Thank you to our nation's military, police officers, firefighters, 
emergency workers, and their families. 
The road our nation travels with trauma and post-traumatic stress 
is one that impacts all of us.

police and fire

Police Officers/Law Enforcement:

State of NJ Governer's Council on Mental Health Stigma

Police Chief Magazine: Officer Safety Corner: 
The Role of Mindfulness Training in Policing a Democratic Society

Richard Goerling, Police Lieutenant; Commander,
 U.S. Coast Guard Reserve; and 
                         Adjunct  Faculty, Portland, Oregon, Community College

In Public Safety.Org
Reinvigorate Your Passion For Policing
Meditation and Positive Attitude  Hillsboro cops' meditation training in The Police Chief magazine; officer stress: Mindfulness in policing
Life of the Law:Integrating Mindfulness into the Criminal Justice System   To Pause and Protect
The Daily Heal:
Bringing Meditation To the Men and Women In Blue
Mindful Corrections:  
 Researchers Investigate Impact of Stress on Police Officers' Physical and Mental Health
American Police Beat:  Study on Police Stress and Health
Police Magazine:  Mastering Stress Management
Real Police: Law Enforcement Resource:  Police Stress

Police and Addiction:


Firefighters Can Get PTSD Too

USA Today:   "Wildfire crews battle PTSD, much like soldiers at war"

The Daily Heal:   A Relaxation Meditation For Firefighters
Booster Breaks Book:   Firefighters and Meditation
North American Firefighter Veterans
Fire Nation:
Dealing with PTSD and Fire Service

Firefighters and Addiction:


By Jackie Hong Nov 6 2013

Paramedics at risk of stress, anxiety and depression: Study


Combat Medics:

Study looks at psychological effects suffered by combat medics


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