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Traumatic Brain Injury

The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey

The Brain Injury Association of New York

The Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky

Brainline Military

Brain Science

Brain-injured patients need therapies based on cognitive neuroscience

Life Extension Magazine: Traumatic Brain Injury

Northeast NC Legal Examiner: 
New study shows even mild brain injury causes brain damage 
 "Nine things not to say to someone with a brain injury"

Science Daily:    
  "Anxious? Activate your anterior cingulate cortex with a little meditation"

Mind and Life Institute:  
"Your Brain on Meditation" by Judson Brewer

The Mind Unleashed: 
Neuroscientist Explains How Meditation Changes The Brain

National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine: 
"How to Improve the Brain"

Psychology Today:  "Use Your Mind To Change Your Brain"

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience:  "Mindfulness"
Change in brainstem gray matter concentration following a mindfulness-based intervention is correlated with improvement in psychological well-being

Science Daily
"Evidence Builds That Meditation Strengthens the Brain"

Natural News
Eight weeks of mindfulness meditation can rewire the brain and control depression symptoms

Searching for the Mind with Jon Lieff, M.D.
Meditation and Neuroplasticity, Self-Directed Neuroplasticity, New Default Mode

Mind Power News
Why does meditation make you feel better?

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Meditation and the Brain

ABC News
Re-wiring your brain for happiness:  
Research shows how meditation can physically change the brain


Post-Traumatic Stress 

Maryland Recovery:
The Heavy Toll of PTSD and Trauma on the Body and Mind

Mild Brain Injury Can Up Risk For PTSD

PTSD Alliance: Downloadable PTSD Resource Book

Military. Com   Post-Traumatic Stress Resources

 UT San Diego   "Brain Injuries Can Lead to PTSD"

Make The Connection:  PTSD Resources for Veterans

American Psychological Association:
Motor Vehicle Accidents Are The Leading Cause of Post-Traumatic Stress, New Book Says

Psychology Today:  The trauma that arises from natural disasters

Stress Management

The Mayo Clinic:  "Meditation: A Simple, Fast Way to Reduce Stress"

The Chicago Sun Times;  Managing Stress With Meditation

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