PEACEFUL WARRIORS - A peaceful warrior resides within each of us.

By Susie Guckin

                                              TBI. PTSD. TRAUMA.
This is what it feels like.
PTSD TBI Meditation Stress Police Military Soldiers

Read about the unusual circumstances of the invisible injuries that have shaped my life and my purpose.

Dedicated to the troops who will continue to teach us all about courage and recovery.

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Reader Reviews:  "The Camouflaged Heart"

5 out of 5 stars: Review By Roy T. James for Readers’ Favorite

"The Camouflaged Heart by Susie Guckin is about her journey into an accident, moving through recovery, and the long path to come out of it that demanded dedication and perseverance. It begins with a brief background of the traumatic happenings, describes the medical attention she received, and explains how she fought her way out following a seven-step curing process. How she got help from her friends and neighbors, how her involvement in conducting piano lessons for someone helped her, and how the healing process was accentuated by her participation in daily chores of life and living are included. 

The Camouflaged Heart by Susie Guckin is about the return to normalcy after a head injury. Having sustained a head injury, I can relate to all that she tells about feelings. The wonder I used to feel when someone noticed inappropriate motor movements with me, or when I did things right, or the shock I felt when people found it hard to understand what I was saying, and other difficulties experienced during the healing years are presented here beautifully. The professional help provided during the recovery and the techniques used to bring the victim back to normalcy make interesting reading. Her dealings with the military and the presentation of healing techniques to soldiers are some of the high points of this book. An excellent read; the author’s discerning approach, involvement with fellow humans, and commendable intelligence are visible throughout the pages."

“A heartfelt and truly inspirational book”. The author Susie Guckin, once a sufferer of TBI and PTSD, tells us of her captivating true-to-life story of her experiences. She shared these stories with soldiers from a local army base she volunteered at. She was moved by their encouragements and similar tales to share her experiences, and this book was born. Now, to all those who suffer from PTSD, Traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder, these are not simple ailments you can describe. For a long time, you may not find enough courage, willpower, and you will recoil in your own home because you're too afraid to go out and face reality. Yes, many of your friends will provide help but you still slip into a more dangerous state day by day. Not until a very good friend will come out of a corner and help take your sorrows away, just like this book. The words are full of hope, utterly moving, and it will allow you to take a step towards true recovery. Slowly, you will gain the strength to take back the many aspects of yourself that you’ve let go. At first, you thought you could not get them back but this book will do so much to help change your prior perspective. The author speaks from a very graceful voice, a voice filled with experience and keen understanding. A voice that is able to poetically share the pains and a strong voice that was able to overcome it. This book is not only a compilation of true inspirational storytelling, but it also provides an in-depth look into the PTSD and TBI. So it will be very useful for sufferers who have not gained enough information about these disorders. An all in one story! Truly, reading it is like entering a real movie setting and coming out with a happy ending where hope roars in your heart. The feeling doesn’t end, and the new spirit stays with you. The author’s story is amazing and she is a truly resonating soul that will touch you and many others too. This book will enable you to fight, and really fight strong! Anxiety can be overcome! You’ll learn and you won’t feel like you feel every day. Everything about this book is a gem, and all gems deserve to be seen. It is highly encouraged that people whose going through these disorders to read The Camouflaged Heart. ~J Callaway

4 out of 4 stars  Review by csimmons032 for Online Book

"The Camouflaged Heart was written by Susie Guckin. This book is a non-fiction book about the author's experiences in dealing with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress (PTSD). The author was in two car crashes, the second one being two months after the first, and ended up with a brain injury that she can't remember getting. While experiencing symptoms such as memory loss, stress, depression, fatigue, and many other symptoms, the author explains how she learned to deal with these symptoms and how she continues to stay positive.

Her way of dealing with TBI and PTSD was by finding people who understood what she was going through. She couldn't remember certain things about her family, her friends, or even herself. While volunteering with the wounded and transitioning troops at the local Army Base, she was able to gain a peace of mind by realizing that there are others out there who are experiencing what she experiences. Therefore, she has been able to help troops deal with their symptoms as well as her own. Along with helping the troops, the author continued her job as a music teacher for children. Through her job and volunteering, she was able to develop certain techniques to helping her deal with her symptoms. This helped her to have a normal and happy life.

I truly enjoyed every moment of this book. What I thought was the most enjoyable was how she didn't focus on the negative parts in her life. Her sole focus was telling everyone how she got through her experiences with TBI and PTSD. Her stories about her experiences with her symptoms, her job, and volunteering with the troops were so inspiring. Another reason why this book really stood out to me is because I can relate to it. Although I have never dealt with TBI or PTSD, I have dealt with a disease that had me feeling similar symptoms. It can be tough to stay positive when something bad happens to you. This book reminded me that there are others out there that do know how I feel sometimes, no matter what the circumstances are. I was afraid that this book was going to be depressing, but it was completely the opposite. I would easily read this book again, even if it's just to make myself feel better after having a bad day or a bad week. 

I can't think of anything bad to say about this book. It was inspiring, heartfelt, and simply a beautiful story about the battle that people can go through. No matter if it's through an accident or through an illness, there are always people out there who know how you feel. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, especially anyone who deals with similar issues that the author does, and illness, or anything else that can cause stress on the brain. This book will inspire anyone who reads it, and it will be the type of book to pass onto friends as well.

I give The Camouflaged Heart 4 out of 4 stars. I gave this book the highest score because of all the reasons I mentioned above. Also for the reasons I mentioned above, I didn't give it a lower score. This book will be perfect for people who are feeling down about themselves and need something to help them feel better. This book can also inspire you to help others in need."

Mermaid9657 for Goodreads

"I cannot tell you which part of this book was my favorite, for I loved every page! I simply loved this little treasure of a book. I had the great privilege of meeting the author, a colleague and fellow educator from FRSD. Ms. Susie Guckin was kind to come and speak with my 7th grade Excel group about Veterans and some of the struggles they experience upon coming home to the US. In addition, she shared about her personal connection to these vets, and about how she came to write her first book.

I think it would be a perfect example of memoir or personal narrative for students from the intermediate thru senior high school levels. It is written in a straight-forth, easy manner, and feels like a conversation. Great compassion and patience are highlighted, and the love and support of family rings loudly.

I am honored to have an autographed copy for my classroom bookshelf, and intend to place copies into the hands of several veteran friends.

God Bless Susie Guckin and her wonderful work, and contribution to not only veterans, but to all who have experienced the symptoms of PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury)."

By Avid Reader on May 14, 2015
A true story about the recovery/rediscovery of a wonderful young woman after trauma strikes. I know this author personally and she is truly an inspiring individual! This book leaves one with a different perspective on trauma and PTSD.

"It is an easy read and very helpful to me. Even though I taught children with neurological impairment for 30 years, I had to figure out how to help them by what I saw them do since they were unable to verbalize what was going on in their heads. I think I did right by them since I used much of what you describe in the book. Having the description of how you feel and the physical and emotional manifestations of TBI has really helped me understand my husband's frustration and anger. Your clear, concise description of your experiences helps me better understand my husband's behaviors...Not that I like them...but I better understand them."      

"I'm sure that those of us whose lives you've already touched are very proud of you! I'm also sure that God is not done with you yet. Read your book last night and felt like dancing".  

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"The Camouflaged Heart" by Susie Guckin
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