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Mindful Sailor Sister Site
Staying the Course
Sailor's Medicine
Mindful Sailor: Peaceful Warriors Sister Site
Weighted Blankets


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Kids and Meditation
Meditation and Stress Reduction
PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Mindful Sailor Sister Site

Visit our sister site: 
Mindful Sailor for another blog and a different perspective on how dogs can help someone through trauma, ptsd, and tbi. 
There is a rememberance for Memorial Day on there too.

Staying the Course

Staying the course through Memorial Day with those still living is equally as important as honoring the Fallen. The veterans who have lost a brother or sister in arms are suffering deeply on a day like today. Some I know cannot even step outside their homes, attend an event, or even turn on the television. The reminder of their fellow service member not being here with them is a deep wound that isn't easily managed. Be gentle with them, even if they come across gruff or unappreciative of your presence.

Sailor's Medicine

There has been an uptick in triggers in the last six months that have been a bit perplexing. It takes me some time to integrate what has been happening and it takes some time to do a bit of analyzing.  I recently had a pretty extreme panic attack that came on so fast and so intensely that there was no stopping it. would like to commend the staff at Encore Dental in Lacey Township for how they handled it, as it it occurred int the middle of me having oral surgery.

When I went in for the initial consultation with the oral surgeon it was a very in depth conversation about my brain injuries, the ptsd, and my asthma.

Mindful Sailor: Peaceful Warriors Sister Site

Mindful Sailor
Moving through trauma with my GSD Pup, Sailor.
How we have helped each other through trauma, PTSD, and TBI.

Yes, that's right! I've launched a sister site to Peaceful Warriors.
The mission is the same, content slightly different.
Both sites are designed to work together and I must say I think Mindful Sailor is looking like the more grown up big sister to this site! Maybe one day an update will be in order here too, but until then.....

Sailor has made such an impact on my life and I wanted the opportunity to have a space to focus on how she specifically is helping me through some challenging new occurrences with my post-traumatic stress.

Weighted Blankets

I have written before about the beneficial use of weighted blankets for anxiety and PTSD. I have them for my clients in my office to use, but recently purchased one for myself to use at home due to an increase in nighttime PTSD disturbances over the last six months. I cannot say enough about the impact the weighted blanket is having on my sleep, but also on my sense of security when I wake. The blanket I have is 18lbs. and felt very heavy the first time I used it, but now it is just this normal experience that I rely every night.


Meditation? Mindfulness? Scuba diving? How are these three connected?  Well, to be honest, I didn't know they were until I got in the water with the gear on and figured it out for myself. 

I'm pictured here with my awesome instructor, Sharon. I was explaining to her at one point that I saw the relationship between these three things and truly felt it when we were under the water.

I had shared in a previous blog that I panicked when I first heard my breath under the water and had to come up.

The World Beneath

If you think you've exhausted all avenues, you probably haven't. Even with as much as knowledge, wisdom, insight, and information I have gained over the years, there is always more to come.  There are so many avenues of healing, some that resonate at some points on the path, and some that appear to us as we grow.  Healing doesn't have to be suffering with our wounds, but learning to "be" with them and one of the greatest of those challenges is self-reliance and learning to be safe in your own skin.

Sacral Chakra Trauma

Sacral chakra trauma is something I have been spending some time looking into over the last six months. Our energy absorbs our experiences and holds it, until the time comes for us to be ready to release it. I had never considered the idea that shock can be cumulative. I've had a lot of re-experiencing circumstances rise in the last six months that were triggered by a myriad of different situations and I found myself dipping into the sea of PTSD that makes it difficult to understand where you are in time.

Monthly Chakra Study Class

Come out and learn how our energy system governs different functions in our lives and how we can take steps to support some simple improvements.

Stress isn't just about the outside world, it is about the inside world within us. Studying and learning about the individual energy centers in the body can offer valuable insight into many of the issues that plague us in our everyday lives.

A sneak peak of root chakras issues include.....

Financial Distress
Feeling of not fitting in, not belonging anywhere

Not the only tools............

There have been many times that I've heard someone say, "If only I could find the right _____________.
The right doctor, the right counselor, the right medication, the right procedure, the right anything to make this stop.

I was there once too. I used to think that if I could just find someone who knew what this was and what to do about it, then I could be fixed. Since then I've learned about the fallacies of both of those ideas. There is no one right person to cure us and we can't be fixed because we're not exactly broken; we are evolving.
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