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Water Your Soul With Silence

wateringBeing wounded doesn't make you broken.  

There are so many ways that a human being can be wounded; physically, mentally, spiritually, morally, and emotionally.  Often times we can be wounded in several of those departments all at the same time.  It's the reason you get through one thing and think you are home-free. This is until the next thing comes up and you think you have that under control. This is then followed by the next thing that comes up.  

                                                 It feels as if the process never ends. 
Having PTSD is like never taking five minutes to step into the sunshine because you don't remember the sun still shines. We can get so lost in our own darkness that we've forgotten what's still "right" with us.  We've forgotten that we have a choice to step into our own light, even if just for five minutes.  We know that stress is cumulative, but so is goodness.  If you remind yourself daily of something good that you've done or something good that's a part of your life, the light grows stronger.  Be inspired to water your own soul with silence, so that your inner warrior can bloom and embrace the true spirit of what it means to persevere.  

Your greatest battle begins with the battlefield of your own mind
I am thankful to our heroes for the sacrifices they make for us to have the freedom to share our thoughts with one another in a state of safety.   Always remember that you are our heroes,  even on the days when you look in the mirror and can't seem to find the hero within yourselves.  Meditation  can be the journey you take within to reconnect with what is still right with you after experiencing stress and trauma.   With daily practice, it has been shown to enhance a person's overall well-being.

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6 Comments to Water Your Soul With Silence:

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Pool Service Boca Raton on Saturday, March 01, 2014 1:48 AM
I am happy to find this content very helpful and informative for me, as it contains lot of accurate detailing about the topic Water Your Soul With Silence,which I was searching for.Thanks a lot and good luck.
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Peaceful Warriors on Sunday, March 02, 2014 6:00 PM
Thank you. You are very welcome. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the post, "Water Your Soul With Silence". My hope is that those who are touched by this topic will realize that they are not only, not alone in their struggle, but that there is hope and a way through it. It's hard to imagine when you have PTSD, that you have any choices in how you feel, but as I have learned, goodness truly is cumulative and there are some choices. It took a long time to understand that. It just takes time to recognize that all of the good that existed in you before your traumatic experience is truly still a part of who you are. It just has to be brought to the surface because it's been deeply buried in the sand of not wanting to feel any part of what was experienced. Mainly because it's just too difficult to feel those feelings, it feels too out of control, and it brings up too many questions about humanity and the feelings that we should have done something to change the outcome. It feels like too much to let out into the daylight without having a hard and fast answer for how to make it it feels like..."What's the point?" But as I said to a number of soldiers along the way, we can't undo what's been done, but we can create new connections in our brain that help us to remember what's good in our lives. A reminder every day of a part of you that is still strong, still good, still loving, matters. Every time you acknowledge your own efforts toward living a good life, you wire a neural pathway in your brain. As you continue to spark these neural pathways they grow stronger and your brain will start to remember these feelings and what evoked them. Over time, it becomes easier to access the good, without having to convince yourself of it. This takes time, perseverance, and belief that your life is truly worth living. These feelings are not dependent on the love of others in our lives, it's dependent on the love and respect we have for ourselves. I think that is evident in the many families who love a person with PTSD so much that they feel they don't know what to do to help them and feel like they are losing them a little more everyday. When we step into the sunlight of our own soul for five minutes everyday, we wire a small piece of the good in ourselves and with that, we restore a connection with those we love one little cell at a time.
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Peaceful Warriors on Monday, November 23, 2015 8:33 PM
My writing is all inspired by my experiences and education. It is not a paid blog, it is here for the benefit of those who need perspective on the subject matter. Peaceful Warriors was designed from the vision of helping others like myself and the troops; It's the reason I keep writing. Thank you for all of your feedback, support, and encouragement.
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