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We Salute You

butterfliesExperiencing trauma can feel as if you've lost parts of yourself that used to be there. You may also feel that you aren't the same person that you used to be.   The reflection in the mirror is suddenly different and the reflection you get mirrored back to you by other people is suddenly different too.  The image in return seems somehow broken. 

 What if we looked at trauma as a part of our
                evolution as a person, instead of our                                                                                punishment as a person?

Consider the possibility that the parts of ourselves that we felt were lost aren't really lost at all, maybe they just aren't needed at this time so that we can embark on a journey of discovering the other parts of ourselves we hadn't noticed prior.  The journey is long. The journey is arduous, but a hero's journey usually is.   A soldier once said to me that, "a soldier fights, but a warrior overcomes."  In my mind if that statement is indeed true, then at some point in every soldier's journey he will arrive at the place where he is brought to his knees in order to discover and embrace his inner warrior.   Trauma is many times part of that journey, but it does not always manifest itself in the same way.  Sometimes it's physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual...............and sometimes it is layers of all of those.  

Each person is a product of their own experiences.  It doesn't matter if you were in the midst of war in a foreign land or if you were hurt here in the United States. You could have hurt yourself  walking out the backdoor of your own home or maybe you were injured in an accident with your car.  Trauma is trauma.  When we arrive at a place of non-judgment of our experiences and begin to honor our trauma as the road we've traveled, then somehow we have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to make us feel better or worse than the person next to us or the soldier beside us.   Our experiences, our traumas, our sorrows are not in competition with one another.  They deserve the honor of being our own and being important in our journey as a human being.  Those who have been injured in the line of duty overseas......We Salute You.   Those who have been injured in training here in the U.S........We Salute You.   Those who have been injured at home, in car accidents, in motorcycle accidents.....We Salute You.  Those who serve our communities through police work and firefighting....We Salute You.    Those who show no physical wound, but sit quietly reading this knowing it reaches home for them.............We Salute You.   Suddenly our playing field is leveled.  We are in this together.............military, civilian, police officer, firefighter, community members, families.  
Now try a five minute meditation when you conclude reading this.  Sit tall. Close your eyes and breathe in for the count of 5 allowing your  belly to expand and breathe out for the count of 5, allowing your belly to contract.  Do this 5 times. Notice any energetic or physical changes you feel in your body.  Accept the moment to just "Be".

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