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Parts of a Whole

Meditation can help you to align yourself with the good that exists within you.

Trauma isn't often a controllable situation that we could have stopped, even though sometimes we think we should have been able to.  Situations happen that are just part of the path we were on and now we are,where we are.  Developing a level of acceptance of                                                                        where we have landed is one of the toughest parts of                                                                             coming to terms with having post-traumatic stress.                                                                            Acceptance isn't something we give and receive                                                                                    lightly, is it?   Not for others or for ourselves. 
When was the last time you looked in the mirror and recognized that who you are as a human being is valuable?  When you begin to value yourself by giving yourself the permission to take your time, to work your way back into the comfort of your own skin, and to honor how you came to be where you are, life takes on new meaning.  It doesn't matter if your trauma happened yesterday, ten days ago, ten years ago, or 40 years ago.   Allowing yourself to be in the present moment, as meditation teaches you, allows you to activate the part of your brain that tells you it's okay to be calm.  You are safe here.  You are loved here.  You are whole here.
A sense of wholeness seems to be the common thread missing in almost every person I've ever met with post-traumatic stress.   The invisible wounds of post-traumatic stress often make us feel detached from everything.  It feels as if pieces no longer fit or that the whole of who we are doesn't exist anymore, but what if the whole of us does still exist somewhere below the surface?   
When we place the whole of our energy into where we've been, instead of where we are right now, we've lost our way and we can't see where we are walking. We have to be careful where we put our energy.  Often times people look so long at the situation of the past that no longer serves them or their highest good that they end up missing the good behind the door that is standing right in front of them. The uncertainty seems to draw more fear than the situation from the past that holds all the control and keeps them from moving forward.  We feel a responsibility to our past because there are things we believe we could have or should have done, but if that were truly true, our lives wouldn't be where we are right now. 
It's a daunting road we all travel, but I can tell you that without hope we couldn't have brought each of you home.  So do not lose hope in yourselves for the road that you are traveling.  You aren't traveling alone, even when you think are.  As one of you heals, you lead others to heal beside you.  I healed because of the soldiers who taught me how. 

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