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Finding Balance

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!” ― Audrey Hepburn
Have you ever looked at the word impossible in that way before?  Who knew that's what was hiding inside of it?  I found this quote on a tea bag the other day and had to look it up. 
How many times have you thought that your life has become impossible and impassable?  How many times have you felt there was no way out of the tangled web that your trauma and stress has put you in?   Traumatic experiences often help us to feel trapped by our experiences, but more importantly I believe we become trapped inside of our own minds.  It's hard to see that when your perspective is limited by daily disturbances, fatigue, frustration, and problems that seem to be in endless supply.  
These frustrations and problems are magnified because that is where our attention is drawn.  When you are tired, bruised to the bone emotionally, and have lived day after day of feeling like you are on a hamster wheel, the only perspective you have is of the problems in front of you.  It's important to know that the problems get magnified as you begin to focus on how terrible they make you feel.  If you aren't ever putting your focus on the good in front of you, then you are likely not to notice it.  Take a good look at the photos I've posted here.  I've intrigued a  number of soldiers with these pictures, so I thought I would share with all of you.   What appears to be impossible is not impossible at all.  These boulders, with the weight of the Earth and the pull of the Earth's gravity can be made to balance like feathers on end.  It's all about letting go of what's holding them down.  It's about letting go of the gravity that's pulling them to the Earth and learning to simply feel.  They can achieve balance and so can we.  

How many mornings do you feel like one of these boulders.....sullen, trudging through another day, just waiting for more problems, more relationship issues, more defeat, and drudgery?   The weight of these words is enough to pull us down.  If you start your day creating balance, by taking your focus off what's wrong inside of you and what's wrong in your life for just a few moments, you can release what's holding you down.   Just as it takes some time and practice to balance the rocks, it takes some time and practice to balance ourselves.  You have to believe that you are possible.  You have to believe that healing is possible.  To heal doesn't mean to fix. To heal means to grow through our experiences, taking the lessons, the heartache, the pain and transforming it into something that paves the way for ourselves and for others. 
I never thought I would be able to balance the rocks, but a friend encouraged me.  It seemed too foreign of a concept for me to be willing to do.   How amazing when I stepped up and was willing to try! The rock fell over a few times and I thought I can't do this. I was ready to throw in the towel, but my friend said to me...............Just let go of effort and simply feel.   As soon as I stopped holding on, balance was achieved.  
When you've been injured or when you've experienced something traumatic, we have a tendency to hold onto it.  There are likely a myriad of reasons why we do that, but the bigger question we need to?   Is it serving our higher good or the higher good of others if we continue to hold on?   We are the only ones who can answer that inside of ourselves, but when we ask the question we have to be willing to the hear the answer that comes from our gut.  It knows the truth of what we need, but sometimes it's hard to hear. 
*Photo 1: Rebecca Simpson
*Photos: Susie Guckin

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