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Interesting Experiences in Energy

If you've taken a moment to read the previous blog about energy work, you may be wondering how on Earth I came to understand this bio-field energy.  Dealing with TBI and PTSD, naturally made me a bit close-minded to many things. It's taken a number of years to understand that there is a world of alternative therapies that hold great validity in helping someone recover and heal from traumatic stress.  I had dabbled in a number of different things to try to make myself feel better. I tried traditional exercise, weights, treadmills, ellipticals, dancing, Judo, Tai-Chi, Surfing, Swimming, and Yoga.  These things all made me feel better, but the effect was always temporary.  It was like a quick Band-Aid on the greater problem.  Those modalities are wonderful for a lot of reasons and effective for a lot of reasons, but I wasn't finding what I truly needed.  It's important to find what is going to work best for you.
I had signed up for a yoga class at a wonderful local center at the time and the class was being taught using the sounds of Tibetan Crystal Bowls.  The crystal bowls are "pitched" to a specific frequency.  Each bowl represents a note on the piano in basic terms.  Each note resonates with an energy center in the body.  Now as someone who by trade is a music teacher, I got this. I understood the idea of frequency affecting healing.  At the beginning of the class, the instructor explained that sometimes people feel vibration in the part of the body that the note resonates with, etc. etc.  I looked at my friend giggling under my breath, saying, yeah right.  I really felt like a fish out of water.  Everyone else in the class seemed to be in this "yoga' state of mind, but I wasn't jiving with it and I really didn't know what was up with these bowls.  So class continues on and I am totally skeptical and feeling very weird about the whole thing.  My mind was pretty closed at that point, even though I did know about the theory of frequency affecting healing.  It wasn't quite "resonating" yet for me.  So long story short...........Who do you think felt the energy in the energy centers in her body?"    You guessed it.  I felt every ounce of it.  I felt moving, shifting, shaking.  I couldn't believe it.  I asked my friend if she felt that and she said no.  Okay, so I'm one of the weirdo's who felt it.  Great.   I took the experience, felt good after, but pretty much closed the book on it.  It was weird. I felt weird.
Tai-Chi was a similar experience.  This is a very ancient, powerful Art, that one day I hope to learn more about, but again I had this amazing instructor who appeared to come out of a movie.  He was very passionate about the movement of energy, but I felt like what on Earth is going on in here.  I wasn't connecting, yet again. 
Judo?  Judo went well for me.  When I realized I could use my own body weight to maneuver another person .  That was amazing energy. That made sense to me!  But again, the impact was temporary and I didn't stick with it.
Surfing?  Ahh.....surfing.  The energy of the Earth's current.  Amazing.  I could spend all day in the ocean.  There were so few decisions to be made.  Duck, Ride, or Crash.  Who wouldn't want to spend all day out there?  But again, unless I was going to become a fish............the impact was short lived.  Although, I have to say to ride on the Earth's energy and wind power was tremendous. 
It wasn't until two years ago that I discovered true energy work for myself.  I contacted a local energy therapist and admitted to her that I was skeptical.  I had heard that the military was using Reiki down in Texas to help with PTSD and I thought if they are open to it, then maybe I should give it a try too.  Sure enough, I had an amazing first experience.  I came out of there having felt my own energy and I was calm, relaxed and felt like I could finally get a good night's sleep.  I felt whole and I felt like the energy of my own trauma had been somehow lifted away from me.  I will always believe that our bodies hold the energy of the trauma we've experienced.  Energy work gave me an opportunity to discharge some of that energy. 
I'll have you know that I have since returned to several classes with the crystal bowls.  I understand the use of their energy and how it works with mine.  I just wasn't at the point yet where I was open to the idea of alternative therapies, mainly because I didn't have enough information about them and there really weren't any resources available for me at the time to learn about it before making a decision about it.    Vibrational sound healing is an amazing concept, one that I am not certified in, but am fascinated by.   There is great value in learning as much as you can about alternative therapies that can compliment traditional medical care.  It can truly give you a better quality of life by connecting you with the body that supports you each day.  As people who serve the public, many of you would never question putting your life in danger for the good of others..............yet many of you are reluctant to step forward to do something good for yourselves.  As a society, we should be grateful to you not just for your service, but for your courage to heal because as each one of you learns to live a better quality of life, you inspire the younger generation of service members, firefighters, emergency workers, and police officers to live in a way that's healthy and whole................not just for themselves, but for their families and communities. 
There's no doubt we've all read the news.  We know what's going on with some of our very troubled service members.  The more we stand together in healing, the healthier our nation becomes.
Thank you to all of you who have faithfully returned to read the things that I write.
I hope that the seeds of what I say resonate with you and help you to make good decisions for yourselves, your families, and your communities.   My goal is to help people heal, one person at a time because as I have said so many times, I believe that if you have signed up to serve our nation and/or our communities, then that in and of itself is honorable.  You deserve to live a well-lived life, but we all need for you to believe that's what you deserve too.
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