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Let's Talk About Energy

I've had a number of conversations lately about energy.  What exactly are we discussing when it comes to Reiki and other forms of energy work?   Just like meditation, energy work sometimes get's a strange wrap for lack of a better way to state it.  It's sometimes looked as being a little "out there" or a little "woo-woo".   But this is how I think about energy from the perspective of someone who is not a scientist.  Everything in our lives is comprised of energy.   We see it in fuel being converted into energy to heat our homes, run our cars, power our is all around us.  We even convert the food we eat into energy to run our bodies.  At the smallest of levels we have molecules and atoms that are moving at relatively high rates of speed that we aren't seeing with the naked eye, but we know they exist.  We know they are in motion.  The Earth is also spinning on a daily basis.  We know this for many reasons, but not because we feel it spinning.  We would all be nauseous every day if that was the case.  Okay, so now that we've established that we all have experienced and know what energy is, how does this apply to a person being able to either work in energy or feel energy?
In conversations that I have had with a number of police officers, firefighters, and soldiers, I explain energy to them in this way.   They use intuition, hunches, and lots of energy to do their jobs every single day.  An astute police officer could tell you if a dangerous situation is about to erupt before anything ever happens because he/she is able to read the energy of a situation through gut instinct, intuition, or just plain feeling it in the air.  How?  By reading the energy and intention of the situation.   

From a soldier's perspective, I think of it this way.  When a soldier is on patrol in a remote village, they are required to be skilled at reading the people they meet.  They have to know if the person in front of them.......who may appear harmless......has ill-intent toward them, the village, or others in the vicinity.  They have to be reading what this person is "NOT" saying.  They do this in a number of ways.  They can certainly be reading body language, but they also have to follow instinct and ultimately energy.  

From yet another perspective, do you remember the old saying that Mom has "eyes in the back of her head"?   Well, she may not have actually had eyes in the back of her head, but she was certainly able to read the energy of what was going on there.  A Mom always seems to know what's happening with her kids without even looking.  She may even know that when she gets that little flutter in her stomach and that little inkling in her mind that she had better go check to see what they are up to.  It's all about feeling and subconsciously reading the energy of the situation.  If the energy feels a certain way, a person can detect danger or intent. 
As these people are using and reading energy, they are also absorbing environmental energy into their own bio-field.  This is where combat stress can build or on-the-job stress builds up, if you aren't a combat vet.   If you are absorbing the energy of difficult situations and you aren't ever doing anything to release or balance your own energy, you can begin to manifest a myriad of different stress symptoms in your body.  It can be aches, pains, headaches, tightness, irritation, muscle weakness, on the physical side of this, but it can also manifest as emotional numbness, irritation, sadness, melancholy, or a number of other emotions.  

Now how does this apply to an energy treatment?  
Energy work may not look like much.  Someone stands over you with their hands hovering over your body.  I can imagine most people looking at that saying............."I'm sorry, they are doing what???"   It seems foreign and unusual because we aren't used to paying attention to our own bio-energy.  We all have a bio-energy field that radiates around us. It's kind of like when your spouse comes home from work and they are in a bad mood and you know to stay away without them ever saying anything.  Their energy tells you to back it up.  So this bio-energy field is always at work surrounding us.  If we are constantly stressed, that bio-field is a little murky and it makes you feel run down.  If you can take the steps to balance the energy in your body, what you radiate to others is balanced too.  It opens a world of opportunity in your relationships, as well as, your relationship with yourself and your own body.  Taking care of ourselves shouldn't be a luxury, it should be our daily practice.  When you serve others, you too have to serve yourself because if you aren't operating at your best, you can bet your bio-energy is emitting that to others.  It puts stress on everything you do everyday.
When you have an energy work treatment, the energy therapist draws in energy and can actually feel the movement of your energy in your bio-field.  Sometimes it feels like waves, sometimes spirals, it just depends.  If there is a blockage the energy feels unstable and shifts a lot.  If the energy is balanced, it usually spirals at a gentle pace.  We all have access to feeling this, but sometimes if we have blockages in the energy due to high levels of stress it may prevent you from truly feeling the energy.   During the session, as the client, you will generally have a sense of peacefulness come over you.  Sometimes the energy feels warm through your body, for some it may feel cool. With your eyes closed, you may see some energetic colors that seem to swirl.  It's a relaxing, total body experience.  For some people it energizes them, yet for others it can make you so relaxed that you fall sleep afterwards.  Each experience is truly individual.  

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