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Fear.  It manifests in many ways and not all of them are recognizable.  How is it that a firefighter can burst into a burning building without thinking twice about the danger he is putting himself in.......yet, be fearful of stepping foot inside a counselor's office, long after he's completed his service to the community?  I used a firefighter as an example, but this can really apply to any of the jobs I've mentioned previously.  There is this innate sense of service to others that seems to stop fear in its' tracks or at least offer a boost of energetic confidence that makes the well-being of others be important than fear itself.   This kind of fear seems to be something those who work in these jobs thrive on.  Soldiers get amped up ready for their deployments.  Many of them play heavy music and are ready to charge into the face of danger.   Is this fear different than the fear of learning that we are simply human with human emotions?  How is this fear different than that fear?   How can a person be ready to charge into the face of mortal danger, but not be as willing to charge into uncharted territory of their own soul?   I don't know the answer, I'm simply posing a thought-provoking idea for us to ponder.  Are there different grades of fear?  Different levels of fear?  Different kinds of fear?  If so, wouldn't mortal danger be kind of on the top of that list?  What would happen if we face ourselves?  Would we come out alive?  Would we come out disappointed?  And is disappointment in ourselves a worse punishment than injury or worse?   When you suffer from experiences that show you the worst the world has to offer, none of these questions are easy, but they are important.  If you have chosen to put yourself on the line for another, whether it be a job you hold, a spontaneous life event that put you in the hero seat, or something else,  it's important to know that one way we honor others and honor our country is by making sure we are resilient enough to be a hero for ourselves.  Who is going to save us from ourselves?   If you are someone who lives with PTSD, the battle rages on inside of you everyday.  Who is going to be the hero that bursts inside the building of your own mind?  Well, it sounds like you are the person for the job because there's no way you are letting anyone else inside of there.  You have all the qualifications and the drive to push beyond your own boundaries of fear and do what needs to be done.  You've proven your worth.  You've proven your fortitude.  
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