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New Beginnings

Spring is a time of new beginnings.  The parts of ourselves and our environments that have been dormant over the winter months are starting to blossom and unfold.  The interesting thing about this is that when you suffer from PTSD, a new beginning can often feel overwhelming because you always seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop. 
Meditation helps you to maintain a sense of equilibrium inside of yourself.  This means that even if the waves of life are thrashing all around you, you will still have control of the rudder inside of you.   If you have never tapped into that, you are bouncing and bopping with those waves.  It makes for a very stressful daily existence. 
Internal balance is something that seems so foreign to many because they've never truly experienced it.  It's a developed skill, but once you harness it, no matter what is happening in your life or your environment, you always have a safe place inside to return to.   Right now, many aren't even aware that a safe place exists at all inside of them.  PTSD can be a lot like that.  It's like going inside yourself is a worse neighborhood than the one you live in.   So in essence, what happens is that you end up running from you...........that's why you always feel like danger, frustration, sadness, and melancholy are in hot pursuit of you. 
Consider the possibility that the peace you are looking for resides inside you, right next door to the frustrating feelings, you just haven't knocked on the door yet to know it's there waiting to welcome you.
Wishing all of you a welcome Spring of new beginnings, new approaches to living, new opportunities to heal, and a chance to honor who you are and the many contributions you've made to your homes, families, communities, and the world.  It's now time to make a contribution to yourselves.   It isn't an outside force that helps you heal, it's an inside job.  Doctors treat you, therapists listen to you, communities support you, but the real healing has to come from inside of you.  You have to be willing to believe you hold the tools you need to heal from the inside out.  Life isn't meant to be suffered.  It's meant to be lived and with the right tools, you'll be able to feel that in a way you never thought was possible. 
 *Phot0: Susie Guckin

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