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Some Points To Ponder

Some Points To Ponder:
Stress is more than just feeling badly.
1. Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts.
     If you allow one negative thought to enter your mind, it will attract many more like it in an instant.  Think of when you are moving through your day and you suddenly remember something you have to do.  Following that you then remember something else you need to do, then something else, and something else.  Within just a few seconds you are now feeling intensely stressed because you now recognize that you cannot feasibly get it all done.  Imagine that happening with some of the really intensely negative things that go through your head. 
2. Positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts.
     If I asked you what you "feel" genuinely grateful for, what would you say?  Would you be able to answer the question?  I've been in situations where I asked someone that and they couldn't answer.  If you never address the positive in your life, you will stay in the negative.  Positive thoughts that are planted will attract more positive thoughts.  However, as soon as you allow a negative thought in there, they tend to attract like wildfire.  It takes time, attention, and dedication to nurture the growth of a plant and well, positive thoughts are like that too.  In order to nurture positive growth in yourself, you have to plant the seeds of positive thinking, so that you can continue to attract better thoughts into your headspace.
3. Perspectives are a matter of perception
       If you get up in the morning and see the sun shining, but grumble about the things you have to do that day, you might say it's going to be a terrible day.  I might get up and see the sun shining and tell you it's going to be a glorious day simply because the sun is shining.  It no longer matters that I have a hundred things to do because I connected with the beauty of the start of a new day.  My perspective will shape my perception of the day ahead.  As does yours.  When you get up in the morning are you saying to yourself, "Here we go again.  Same stuff different day."   All I can say is, be careful what thoughts you are attracting because it is defining your perspective and in turn, defining your perception of the day ahead.
4. Outer conflict often mirrors the inner conflict within us.
Think about that statement for a minute.  Do a bit of a survey of the frustrating relationships around you or the frustrating events that go on in your life from day to day.  Now take a quick check of how you've been feeling on the inside.  Is there a similarity?  I suspect there is.  When you work on your inner world and start bringing awareness to the positive that does exist in your life, your perspective shifts, your awareness shifts, and your outer world shifts.   If you felt better on the inside, you may see a more positive set of circumstances emerge on the outside.  Now, that doesn't mean your whole life just suddenly turns on its' head.  It means that how you relate to your circumstances will feel better to you.  You may feel clearer, more in control, or maybe more settled.  You may feel a bit more kind to others or maybe you become a better listener, rather than brushing things off.  Maybe you will be more attentive with your wife, husband, or kids.  Maybe you will be more present at dinner time and actually able to enjoy the food you are eating, rather than just tossing it down the gullet and leaving the room.  You see where I'm going with this.
5. Gratefulness cannot exist at the same time as fear.
If you are feeling grateful, you cannot be feeling fear.  Likewise, if you are feeling fear you cannot feel grateful.  Define what you are grateful everyday and notice that fear is not present.    Keeping a notepad of things you are grateful for is a great idea.  Writing down three things you are grateful for each night before you go to bed will help settle your mind before you head off to sleep.   It helps plant you in the positive zone before heading off to sleep where many suffering from stress experience a lot of fear and negativity in their dream state.    It doesn't mean you won't ever have bad dreams, but it certainly is a step in the right direction.  If you aren't going to bed feeling fearful and afraid, then isn't that success?  If you are having difficulty recognizing what you are grateful for, consider some small things.  Do you have a roof over your head?    Do you have an internet connection that allows you to read this?  Do you have blankets to keep you warm?  Start with things like this and you will see that more emerges!  It's the power of positive thoughts attracting more positive thoughts.  Try it. You will see that you will find so many things to be grateful for in your life and your perspective about your life will shift.   Basically, let a little light shine into the darkened windows of your mind.   

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