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Pieces of a Puzzle

For those that may be new to the site:
"Welcome to Peaceful Warriors".

Please visit the "About us" link in the menu to learn about my background and certification.   I have stated in prior posts that I am not a psychologist, social worker, licensed counselor, doctor, or neurologist.  I believe in education and share information as a means of offering a new perspective and encouraging others to learn about these conditions so that they can have the opportunity to seek out healing and medical care that is right for them.   My services are a means of complementary, alternative, and holistic therapy with the intention of reducing stress and helping others develop tools through meditation and energy work to help live with more balance, less stress, and overall well-being.  

I am someone who has a previous history of  TBI and PTSD.  I have learned from the inside out how to heal and move forward in a way that is healthy, happy, and whole.  The services I offer are the same ones I used with great success.  I believe that learning about how the brain processes information and encouraging it to process in a new way through meditation and energy work can help alleviate  the sensitivity to triggers associated with trauma, combat stress, TBI, and post-traumatic stress over time.

The soldiers have become my biggest cheerleaders, for lack of a better term.   Several have said to me over the years, "It's like you are inside the  mind of a soldier.  How do you do it?"  Well, as I've stated many times before.............trauma is trauma.  I may not have been on the battlefield, but I do know the battle you came home to inside of yourselves well.   

I encourage everyone who reads this blog and visits the new Facebook page to consider a new perspective.  I am fully invested in healing and education.  I encourage everyone to think about trauma, PTSD, combat stress, and resiliency with fresh eyes.  We hear about it all the time in the news, but what do we really know about it.  What do we know about the journey of people who are living with it from day to day?  How do we understand what it's like from their perspective?    I can tell you that they want to heal, they just don't believe they can.

I have met some of our greatest warriors, police officers, firefighters, emergency workers, and medical staff.  Those that not only serve our country at war, but who serve our streets, our communities, and our nation right here.  I just don't believe PTSD is what they choose.  They may have signed up to serve, but no one signs up to suffer and I just don't believe they have to.  Support from an educated community matters.  Take what you read here and continue to do your own homework.   Puzzles are put together one piece at a time.  It takes a while to figure out which ones go together, but don't give up.  A bigger picture is at stake.  

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