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Caring for your neurons

Take a look at the photo above. 
These rocks are representing parts of the brain. 

1. Limbic System:  Controls feelings and emotions
2. Frontal Lobe:  Allows us to use logic and reasoning skills
3. Anterior Cingulate Cortex:   Allows us to feel empathy and compassion

Now, which one is which?

On the left, the darker rock represents the Limbic System
On the right, the lighter rock represents the Frontal Lobe.
In the center, the fulcrum is representing the Anterior  Cingulate.

What does this all mean?

The anterior cingulate sits nicely in this picture as a fulcrum because it balances the activity of the Limbic System with the activity of the Frontal Lobe.   It helps the brain to balance feelings and emotions with logic and reasoning skills.  You can see where that would be very important.  One without the other makes decision making very challenging.  The anterior cingulate also contains a set of special neurons.  These neurons help thoughts, feelings, and emotions to work together in a positive approach.  The problem is that when someone is experiencing stress, the effectiveness and activity of these neurons is reduced.

Okay, so everyone experiences stress....
Do I need to worry about my neurons?

Yes and no.   Stress is harmful to our bodies, our minds, our spirit, and our physiology. 
We should always be working diligently towards reducing stress for the highest good of who we are. 
Worrying is an imbalance in the limbic system and therefore not a good thing to strive towards.
Life is meant to be lived, not simply survived.  Happiness and reduced stress matters.

So how do I care for my neurons?

Develop a daily practice of meditation.  Meditation activates the neurons in the anterior cingulate cortex, helping the brain to balance activity in the limbic system and the frontal lobe.   This helps to balance feelings and emotions with logic and reasoning, as well as, feeding the brain and its' neurons positive energy pathways to reduce stress.

Do I need a mountain to sit on to care for my neurons?

No, the chair you are in right now will do just fine.  Neurons aren't too picky.
Your attention is all that is needed.

Do I need to sit cross-legged to care for my neurons?

No, feet flat on the floor helps to keep you grounded and present.  Neurons love to be present.

What if I need more information about all of this?

E-mail Susie at:

I'm happy to help.

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