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Approaching Triggers

PTSD comes with a myriad of triggers.  Some of these triggers are intensely obvious and can cause a lot of stress leading up to being exposed to them.  I think we can all agree that we are approaching one of those triggers in a matter of hours with the rising of tomorrow's sun.  Knowing a trigger is approaching can be as stressful as the trigger itself.  The intense worry of knowing you can't avoid it.  You can't outrun it.  You can't hide from it.  You can't even ignore it.  The question then beckons......"So what do I do then?"   

Allow your heart to process what the mind can't understand by allowing pain and sorrow to pass through you.
When we work towards numbing and fighting what the body is trying to release, it creates more tension and triggers the limbic system in the brain.   Once the limbic system is activated, you are waiting for something to make you feel bad.  You are waiting for someone to just say the wrong thing to you.  You are basically wiring the brain for more triggers and more stress.  When you allow a release of energy, the body processes the experiences you've have had, may they have been good or bad.  The body holds great wisdom to heal.  It knows how to re-balance itself after trauma, but our thinking minds get in the way telling us we aren't worthy of moving forward.  We aren't worthy of owning who we are anymore.  We aren't worthy because we couldn't do more to affect change.  If we don't take steps to wire a new pathway in the brain, the limbic system remains on high alert and we remain out of balance energetically, mentally, emotionally, and physiologically.

Know that I may not have met those of you who read this site, but I feel your struggle and I feel your pain, but I also see your hope and healing because I believe it's possible.  Time isn't what heals us.  "We" are what heals us and by learning together we help others learn to heal too.   

Take time for you today and tomorrow.  Arrange 10 minutes to sit in meditation.  Put your attention, not on your thoughts, but instead on your breathing. The mind will try to wander, just keep bringing your attention back to your breath.  Do this as many times as you need to for 10 minutes.  It will give your body a chance to process some of the stress you may be feeling and it will give the brain an opportunity to tap into the part of it that is responsible for feelings of safety and calm.

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