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Self-Care When In Service to Others

On my travels in the last three or four days there have been a number of very serious car accidents on the road. Each one of them seemed more devastating than the first. Some must have been so fresh that the authorities hadn't even arrived yet.  Each time I saw one of them, I thought about the multiple layers of trauma that are included when something like that happens.  You have the people who are in the wreck that are traumatized by the experience and their families, but you also have the police officer who arrives on each of these scenes over and over again, as well as, the dispatchers, the EMT's, firefighters, helicopter pilots, and of course, the officers who must notify the families of a loved ones condition and circumstances.  You also have the emergency room doctors and staff who see hundreds of people in a variety of very serious traumatic medical situations following an accident.  

Accidents represent multiple layers of trauma for the victims, but also for the caretakers and authorities. 

I have some friends and clients that are police officers and I often think about how fatigue sets in for them.  How are they able to do what they do from day to day and keep the high level of vigilance needed to do their jobs?  It is really quite remarkable how they have been able to train themselves to do such long shifts with great focus and be able to regulate changing their schedules from the day shift to the night shift on a fairly regular basis throughout the year. 

As someone who works in the field of holistic healing, one of the major things that is talked about in training is self-care.  It is important for energy workers and people who teach meditation to be sure that they are consistently caring for their own mental state, energy, and well-being, as it can create fatigue working with those that are suffering.  It is a similar concept as to anyone who works in a field of service, as I mentioned above. It is important to recognize how the situations and circumstances you deal with each day impact your health and well-being.  Taking steps to counteract and balance the energy that you are taking on each day is vitally important.  

Consider how you care for yourself after a long shift 
or an intense or traumatic circumstance.  
What are you doing to discharge and balance that energy?

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