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Meditation And The Grieving Process

            How can meditation help with the grieving process?

It is common information that stress has an adverse effect on the heart.  We foster the build up of stress in the body by not allowing ourselves the room and opportunity to grieve.  Emotions that become bottled up in the body as undischarged energy can manifest as a lot of different kinds of illnesses, aches, and pains.Holding back emotions takes a lot of work and puts great strain on the heart, mind, and soul.

Meditation has the potential to make room for how you are feeling in this moment. Sitting quietly inside of yourself for 5, 10, maybe 15 minutes each day allows the brain to signal that it's okay to feel safe and calm. 

If you've been reading along over the past year, you know that stress has to do with the limbic system within the brain and the fluctuation of brain chemicals. If you are fighting the grieving process, you are simply activating stress in the brain and continuing to feed the discomfort.  By meditating, you begin to activate the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, activating the feel-good chemicals in the brain that allows us to feel safe, calm, and rational.

Now the brain is a very complex part of our bodies, but I put this in simple terms so that you can understand that you have the opportunity and the choice to work with it, instead of against it. We fight so hard to control outcomes, but outcomes can't necessarily be controlled all the time. We know this. It's part of living.  

It's important that we look at what we can do to help ourselves in the moment and to know that we actually have the power to do so is equally as important.

Depression is about the past.
Anxiety is about the future.
Where is your brain residing right now?

Meditation is a cultivated practice that over time can help to manage and reduce stress.

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