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Choosing to Serve

Choosing a profession that serves others comes with challenges, moral implications, tough decisions, heartache, loss, and many times, conflicting points of view. "Peaceful Warriors" acknowledges and honors the fallen with gratitude for their service, while supporting the journey of those who must still step outside each day to serve. May each be safe and make the best decisions they can in each moment they find themselves. 

Many of the troops I met through my years volunteering at the former Warrior Transition Unit at Fort Dix were National Guard or Reserve, which meant that many of them served in our military, but also served their communities as police officers, prison guards, security guards, firefighters, and EMT's. 

The journey home is riddled with confusion when the battlefield is the community you live in. Where then do you come home to? Where is the separation from being "in theater"?

Well, as I've taught many through the blog on my website, you come home inside of yourselves. This is your place of safety when you take time to cultivate it.  There have to be tools in place to help discharge the energy. You carry that energy to get you through the day on the job, but it can't be the energy that you allow to live in you all the time. There has to be some semblance of balance. If balance is not cultivated then health issues, emotional issues, and relational issues are inevitably going to surface at some point.

Meditation can help to discharge and balance that energy so that it no longer demands the same level of attention as it does when you are on the job. If you are constantly in a state of vigilance, which many are, it takes a toll on personal health.

Develop some time, even just 5-10 minutes, during your time at home to "tune-in" to yourselves. It makes a world of difference to brain health, emotional health, and physical health.  A brain that is tended to in this way helps you to relax in a way that sleep alone can't do.  We know that going to bed stressed usually leads to waking up not feeling very good because you didn't get a restful night's sleep.  Meditation can help the brain make the shift to relaxation so that over time it can actually help improve the quality of the sleep you are getting.  Better quality sleep leads to clearer thinking and overall healthier well-being.

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