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There are many things that can't be controlled. PTSD and trauma are very good at highlighting that fact. The burden of knowing you couldn't change the outcome of a circumstance or weren't able to impact change or prevent an event is a rather deep wound. One that no one wants to admit exists within them, but it's very real.

Knowing that just because you feel the way you do in the moment, doesn't mean that's the way you have to feel for your entire life.  It also doesn't mean that the way you are feeling is a fact of the circumstance you were in, meaning sometimes our perceived reality does not necessarily match the actual circumstantial reality. Police officers are you hearing me on that one? You deal with investigations.

We are well-equipped as human beings to have an ego.  I do not mean the ego that tells whether we look good in the mirror or not. I mean the ego that tells us we must have the ability to control everything and every outcome. Controlling everything and every outcome in every facet of our lives is a bar set far too high for the human heart. It is a strain that we can't live up to and when we try to, we end up disappointing ourselves and wondering why we failed.  

Having PTSD doesn't make you a failure, nor does experiencing trauma make you broken. They make you human.  They make you realize we have limitations, but they also make you realize there are many limitations we have the power to overcome.  PTSD can be about as confusing as life can be. It often contradicts itself. It isn't cut and dry. It isn't a one size fits all, although as we can see, many experience lots of similar types of experiences with it. Learning to look at it without judgment, but with careful observation yields a wealth of information that may very well be only for your own eyes. It's your journey, not anyone else's. Be respectful of it and don't take failure as the final word.  Investigate.

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