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Little Big Time

From my perspective, there isn't one single modality that exists that can stop, correct, fix, turn off, or break PTSD. I believe that it will always take multiple modalities to help people who have it cope with its' symptoms and existence in their life. We've seen this over and over again with counseling and medication not fixing the problem of their own accord.  

I advocate for counseling because I believe that this is where information can be synthesized, but I also believe that counseling alone, when you are constantly in a state of hyper-vigilance is going nowhere fast. I saw it with myself. If the stress response can't be taken down a notch in order to trigger the rational part of the brain to allow for quality listening and synthesizing, there isn't a whole lot that is getting heard or processed in a counseling session. But do I think counseling is necessary, absolutely, in conjunction with a modality that allows the sympathetic nervous system to settle down.

It has taken multiple modalities and multiple tries at using certain modalities to get to where I am today, functioning as well as I do. There was never any one quick fix for it and there still isn't.  It takes a systematic set of modalities to keep equilibrium in my stress levels.  Meditation is certainly the most valuable for me, but it has to be practiced.  Energy work is the second of those. Nutrition was also a big one because when you've experienced a brain injury everything goes haywire up there and diet can become a real issue if you aren't being cogniscent of how your brain and body are processing proteins and nutrients. This is also an issue with PTSD because when you are facing hormone spikes it throws the body's equilibrium off and can impact appetite and cravings. This in turn can lead to weight gain, addictions, etc. for me it was the opposite, I didn't have a taste for anything. I lost a lot of weight and it made me very tired, so combating fatigue became another issue. Breathing issues were impacted as well, as I've been a lifelong serious asthmatic. Constant spikes in cortisol wreaked havoc on my breathing because it caused states of panic and distress.   Breathing exercises, playing wind instruments, and doing yoga really helped me to connect with how I was using my body to process the air I was breathing every day.  

So you can see, there are layers here. These are only a few of them. Opening our minds to the possibility that just one of us doesn't have all the answers, but together we can develop some serious tools and solutions to start making progress for our troops and others that are suffering. 

I don't believe we are trying to arrive at a destination. I think that when we can approach PTSD from the place of a journey, it changes the pressure we put on ourselves to find the answer.  I don't think there is an answer for it. Maybe science will prove me wrong on that one day. I hope it does. But for me, I see that trauma and PTSD have been around forever.  They aren't new. I believe that soldiers have been dealing with this since the dawn of our country and well, maybe even the dawn of civilization.  We aren't the only nation who knows what this feels like. 

At some point, I had to realize that I couldn't fix all of my symptoms at the same time, but I had to look at where I could impact change and start there.  This is where the journey of it began. Recognizing that the small things matter in respect to it. Little changes, pile on top of little changes. This matters, big time. 

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