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Personal Awareness

Personal awareness of what you are experiencing is so important when it comes to post-traumatic stress and trauma.  One modality may be the ticket for you, but likely it will take several different approaches to help you through it. I have had a number of troops, counselors, therapists, and officers share their frustrations with me through my travels around the country.  Troops feel the counseling isn't helping. Counselors and therapists feel the counseling isn't reaching the troops.  The officers are the ones fielding the issues along with other medical professionals. Families are aggravated because they feel medicine isn't working. So what then is the answer?  

Well, I think the answer has to be a willingness to realize it isn't going to be one thing that is the answer, but a combination of therapies that together help to make progress.

The other element to all of this is the personal awareness.  When you have PTSD, you want someone to turn it off, to fix it, to make it stop, but no one seems to be able to make that happen, including yourself.  So as you become aware of new modalities of healing that become available, learn about them. Educate yourself about new things that you learn about and try them.  See how your mind and body respond.  You'll know in your gut if it's a total "no-go" for you, but if something shifts a bit, notice it and stick with it. Pay attention to how each avenue you take brings its' own individual advantage and possible disadvantage. 

Do your best to pay attention to how you feel before and after your counseling sessions, alternative healing sessions, doctor's visits, etc. Pay attention to what the benefits are that you are deriving from each experience. Try not to use the trained "all or nothing" mentality". PTSD isn't all or nothing.  It took me a little while to figure that out for myself, but I have found it to be true.  
And as always, alternative modes of healing should be used in conjunction with traditional medical and psychological care. They are not a replacement for traditional care, but an advantageous method of enhancing mind/body health and wellness. 

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