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On the Mark

Developing non-judgement within oneself can be challenging. People who suffer from stress due to accidents, war, trauma, and beyond do not want to be judged or looked at as being incapable as people. This may be a highly generalized statement, but I think at the basic level of being a human being, nobody wants to feel like they are less than capable. Some  who have experienced this level of stress operate very well from day to day, functioning in their jobs just like everybody else, but their self-esteem, home life, personal relationships, physical condition, financial state, and other elements are slipping and chipping away from the inside out.  This can be truly daunting for people who are used to being "in charge", "successful", the "go-to" person, or the "leader" for example,  because although they may be successfully fulfilling their role on the job, the role within themselves doesn't feel as secure.  It brings up the question, "What is wrong with me?  I can be totally on the mark at work, but I can't seem to get anything together at home."  

From my experiences, it takes a lot of energy to be "on the mark" during the day.
It takes all of your focus, all of your willpower, all of what makes you successful to get that job done, and by the time you get home you are wiped out.  This is when you are reminded each day of where you've come from.  Those quiet moments where you feel the tension in your body, you see the pile of bills, you deal with the family, spouse, significant other, and the only thing you have energy for is sleeping.   However, sleeping turns out to not be all that restful because you nod off feeling stressed and well, how we go to sleep is often how we wake up too.  

This is the point at which I encourage the art, the skill, and the practice of meditation. I wish that it had been presented to me many years ago, in the way that I present it to you. I needed something down-to-earth, accessible, realistic, and effective.  Now, the effectiveness of meditation is based on your willingness to develop your own practice of it.  It only works if you do it and it only changes the brain if you keep up with it.   

Meditation helps in teaching our brain to zero in on one thing at a time.  It could be breathing. It could be a phrase.  It could be a part of the body.  It can be different each time you do it! But it helps to filter the many thoughts that are flying at you all at once. When you think about it, if you have fifty thoughts racing through your mind....where exactly is your focus?   Especially if some of those thoughts are from the past, some are of the future, and some are in the right now.  My gosh that's enough to overload any operating system. Can you imagine why we experience stress??? It's important to develop a filter, so that you can be clear about what needs your focus right now.  I think we can safely say that what always needs your attention right now is your health and well-being. Above all else, if you don't have that, nothing else is getting done. 

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Anonymous on Sunday, March 26, 2017 11:08 PM
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