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I've mentioned this before, but not everyone who experiences traumatic injuries develops PTSD. There are some co-occuring symptoms that overlap between TBI and PTSD, but they are not one-in-the-same.  You can have TBI without PTSD and well, you can certainly have PTSD without physical injuries. For those that have had both, it can become very confusing, very quickly.  

When the book is released, you'll see that it is the back story of why I know what I talk about here.  It is the process I used to find my way through it and how I presented what happened to me in a way that others who have experienced injuries, seen and unseen, can use it to learn from.  I hope that it will help others to gain, not only perspective, but develop a healthy level of respect for the road they've traveled.  It is so easy to judge our experiences against others, but when it comes down to it, trauma is trauma. The experience is so personal and individual, yet so pervasive throughout many cultures. I've often said that these conditions do not discriminate.  They are about the human condition, not a particular race, culture, creed, job, service, or gender. As human beings, we suffer with each and every tragedy we encounter, but we also have the power to help each other heal. I can't say that enough because I have seen it in action in many places and in many, many ways.

I was told earlier this evening that meditation with me has helped someone so much, but that it isn't just the meditation. It's my light. It's my way of presenting information that isn't over anyone's head. It isn't pretentious, presumptuous, or meant to be a quick a fix. It requires a commitment to believing that each person is worth the effort and that I'm willing to walk that long hard road because it is one I have walked on my own first. 

I couldn't think of a more profound and genuine compliment. It is certainly validation that my message is being heard and that my tools are being found useful. PTSD and trauma can be isolating, but there is nothing isolating about healing.  Healing is connection and isn't that what every person should know they have access to.

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