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Hard to Hurt

TBI. PTSD. TRAUMA.  They do not discriminate.

As the world continues to face tragedy, distress, loss, grief, and fear, we must realize how very "on point" that statement is. These three things are an equal opportunity event at any given time. You don't choose them, they choose you.

With that, the brotherhood and sisterhood that I so often talk about, is growing larger each day, isn't it? We are growing more aware of how connected and disconnected we are, as human beings.

We are never traveling alone. We are on this path with many, many others and although we sometimes have trouble feeling that, I have no trouble seeing it.

With each tragedy, there are many layers to become aware of.  There are those who have lost their life. Those who are injured. Those who arrive on the scene to help. Those who make the distress calls. Those who must deliver messages of devastation to unsuspecting families. Those who must investigate the scene. Those who must administrate operations, transport, and other services.  Those who must console the hurting hearts of friends and loved ones. The list goes on and on...

No one is immune to the stress of a tragedy and although not everyone develops PTSD, everyone experiences heartache, shock, loss, fatigue, and confusion when something sudden and senseless happens. There are many questions.

Let's not forget our brothers and sisters who need us most and remind them that being human is very much a human experience. Being human means feeling the highs and lows of existence, whatever that may entail in our lifetime. So the most important connection we need to make is with ourselves. Touching the center of our own sorrow and moving forward through it, instead of against it. It's hard to hurt, but let's not allow ourselves to become hardened by our hurt. 

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Anonymous on Monday, January 09, 2017 11:03 PM
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