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The Valley of Forgetfulness

I read through this article a few times because there are some remnants of my own injuries embedded in it. It's never easy to read articles like these because once you are injured, it is empowering to read that someone else has gone through something similar, but it can also rattle your cage a bit too.

I have met many people who have suffered from a variety of traumatic brain injuries, but I have never met anyone who has suffered the kind of memory loss that I have from a concussion.  This woman's story resonates with me because she also does not remember her life; her childhood.  

If you have read my book, "The Camouflaged Heart", you learned that I lost twenty years of memory. I was injured at age 20 and everything prior to that was wiped out.  Deleted. Not longer accessible. Erased. The files either don't exist or are simply not loading. I've spent a good 14 years continuing to learn how many things are missing, through the support of friends and family, but there's nothing there for me to access.  Pictures, stories, places....I've tried it all.

My young niece asked me yesterday what my book was about.  I told her it was about what happened to me and how I was able to successfully recover from my injuries.  She then asked me what happened to me, because she was not born yet when I got hurt. I told her I had two brain injuries and lost a lot of memory and had some other issues because of it.  She said, "How much memory did you lose?"  I said, "Well, I can't ever remember being your age. I do not remember anything before age 20."  Her response to that statement is astounding to me.

She said, "So you walk through 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18, 19 ages and it's all white?  It's blank?"

I said, "Yes, that's what it is like."  

She she used her fingers to represent walking on the white piano keys, (We had been sitting at the piano together when our conversation came up.)  "You walk through those ages and it's all white and  blank, like being in a valley where there is a lot of light and maybe a little dark?"  I said, "Yes, that's a good way to say it and yes, there was a bit of darkness too."  She looked at me and said, "It's a valley of forgetfulness."

Leave it to the open-mindedness of children to say it the way that it is without judgment.  Kids and soldiers have taught me just about everything I know. The path of learning will always continue for me. 

Read the article below about the Colorado rancher who developed some interesting abilities following her brain injuries.  

I will always believe that when something in our brain is taken away, it unlocks a different part that we didn't have access to prior.  I have felt the impact of that too and have learned to embrace the things, unusual things that have come up for me'll learn about that in book two.......maybe sometime as soon as next year.

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