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Embracing Your Story

What does it feel like to embrace your own story?  For many people, I think it is really frightening.  I liken it to pulling the pin and dashing behind sandbags for cover. It is not something that is comfortable, but I do believe there is healing that happens when you cease being afraid to just say what needs to be said.

Everywhere I go I meet people and end up in conversations that are absolutely remarkable. I tend to be the kind of person that people aren't afraid to tell things to; I imagine much of that has to                                                        do with my lack of judgment for their situation. 

I've most recently met a number of people who shared stories with me in very common settings that have really been through some tough situations. Life-altering situations that quite possibly were never truly processed. What we don't realize is that when we experience something that shakes us to the core, the stress of that often stays with us and we brush it off as many other things. We make the negative things we feel "normal" and we make the poor relationships "okay", and we basically make room for things that simply aren't healthy.

When you begin to embrace where you've been and allow yourself to recognize that your story is okay, whatever it is, it is your path of learning, the release of judgment allows room for growth. If you've read, "The Camouflaged Heart", you know that I don't believe in the judgment of comparing traumas. Your story is your story and you truly have the ability to decide what the next sentence says in your life. 

What I used to perceive as mistakes were steps teaching me that there was unfinished business on the inside and I personally believe that's true of all of us. 

What is your unfinished business on the inside?

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