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Balancing Safety and Danger

We are not meant to be in a state of constant danger and hyper-vigilance. Stress hormones are not our enemy, they serve a very useful, distinct set of purposes in order to keep us safe at the most basic level of survival. However, if we are not in immediate or credible danger, should we have that alert system at the ready? Probably not, but this is what happens when you've been through something traumatic that puts you in a state of fearing it happening again or fearing the re-living of it over and over again within your own mind.  Our bodies are not designed to be in a constant state of fear, stress, and unhappiness. We are wired for safety, contentment, and happiness, but trauma trips that system and somehow we forget that we are wired for those things, as much as, we are wired for fear, unrest, and stress.  A good indication that we are not designed to be in a constant state of fear, stress, and unhappiness is the symptoms we pick up that alert us to the lack of health and wellness in our bodies; for example in a moment of danger our stress response is triggered, we react as needed......what happens over the next few days after an event when the adrenaline comes down, but you are not feeling safe, rested, and at ease?  Your body begins to ache, headaches develop, tightness makes its' way through your body, insomnia, irritability sets in, and a number of other elements. We have to decompress, release, and re-balance, otherwise the survival system that is there for us to protect us becomes overworked too and we perceive everything as a threat and a danger. This is simply not healthy for our bodies or our minds. 

Meditation can help aid us in the re-balancing and the re-setting of the systems that should be in balance. We should be wired to react to a perceived threat as necessary, based on survival and safety, and we should also be wired to rest, digest, and feel at ease. If both are not operating in balance, then we begin to feel the result of that. Either way we get results, they  just may or may not be the results that help us to live a healthy, well-balanced life. 

Consider how your body and mind are feeling. Irritability is a sign of stress. What other signs can you identify in yourself? 

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