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Surviving and Thriving

Trauma is a tricky thing. It can feel as if it is has stripped us of everything that we are and it can also feel as if we are being rebuilt with trial by fire. The way I see it, the most precious of gems are hidden deep within the Earth. They are buried, protected, preserved, and still glistening beneath the rock, the dirt, and the elements. Have you ever considered that you may not have even met the best parts of who you are yet?  

I say this from a place of experience, not an inspirational quote from someone I don't know. I love who has been revealed to me post-trauma. I love that I have gained insight, wisdom, compassion, and knowledge for an entire population of people who are seeking the same thing. I love my connection to the troops and the things they continue to teach me. Coming together as a community of survivors is positive, but coming together as a community of thrivers removes us from victim status.  I often tell the veterans I meet that life isn't meant to simply be survived, it is meant to be lived. If we are simply surviving, we are tapping into the part of the brain that tells us we are constantly in danger. If we are thriving, we are using discernment and allowing ourselves to be connected to the life we are living. If we aren't connected, then who is this person whose life we are living?  Poignant question. Who is living your life if you aren't?

Thriving is more than just surviving. It's being connected to this body, mind, and soul that is yours and only yours.There's no reason to be anywhere than where you are, experiencing what you are experiencing. Can you be okay with that in this moment? Take a deep breath and say to yourself, "I am right where I need to be in this moment. There is no other person I need to be other than me."  There's no need to figure out the next 10 years in this moment. Let's just focus on how we feel right now and then when we get to the next moment, let's see if we can make that one okay too.  You'll see......this can change the next ten years if you move moment by moment. 

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