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Past and Future: Where do you live?

Anxiety is our focus on the future. Depression is our focus on the past. What does it feel like to be present? 
Have you ever wondered that?  Are you able to identify where you spend many of your thoughts?  Are you living your life in the past or in the fear of the future?  Does the past or the future offer you any peace or solace?  Do you have control over the past?  Do you have control of the future?  

If we don't have control of the past and we cannot truly predict the outcome of the future, what do we have a handle on?  Fortunately or unfortunately, not much. Coming into the present moment is where we find peace. It is where our solace lies and it is what we can impact both internally and externally.  

I've been around troops that can be quite rigid in their external behavior, just waiting for the other shoe to drop and once they realize they are in the presence of someone who is safe for them, I can feel their energy shift. They suddenly become present in the moment and they release worrying about what's going to happen next. This moment wasn't at all what they had drummed it up to be in their mind.  There was no danger. No threat. No harm, but they are often left confused as to why they felt the way they did.  

Have you ever had that happen?  You are maybe in the midst of what you anticipate to be a disagreement or a potential threat to you and then the energy simply shifts and you let the guard down. It's amazing how energy works and it's even more amazing how our minds work.  A simple shift in perspective can do wonders for our present moment. Allow yourself to become aware of where you have been vacationing in  your mind because chances are if you've been feeling stressed and anxious, you are hanging out somewhere down the road that you have no control over and if you've been feeling down, depressed, lonely, chances are you are roaming around the past wishing there is something you could change. Bring yourself home to the present moment. Take a moment to feel yourself breathing. Feel your belly moving as you breathe. Become aware of how you feel and you will begin to see a very different picture and you will begin to recognize that although we don't often choose our condition, we can choose our thoughts about it.

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Anonymous on Sunday, March 12, 2017 11:06 PM
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