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Mental Health Matters Radio Show Recording

For those that did not get to listen in for the radio show today, I was informed that it will be available after 2:00 tomorrow afternoon for download through the archives at:

Thanks again for the support and interest. This was a challenging experience for many reasons and my hope is it strikes enough curiosity that others will begin to seek out answers for their own situations, exploring multiple methods of healing mental health issues. It will never be just one thing that heals us. It is a combination of elements that help us along on the path.

It is unfair to think that one single medical doctor can fix us body, mind, and soul. It takes medical intervention, psychological care, community and family support, as well as a myriad of alternative types of care that can make the healing process truly begin to evolve within us. No more shame about taking down the walls of stigma. There are so many alternative therapies and modalities that exist when we begin to step beyond our own boundaries; meditation, yoga, energy work, tapping, massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, Qui Gong, and the list goes on and on. We are a whole a person, not parts of a person. We must treat the whole person in order to heal the whole person.

Educating ourselves about our condition is probably the single most important part of all of this. We need doctors, mental health practitioners, community members, families, and other types of practitioners, but most importantly we need to get on our own team. Advocate for yourself by paying attention to how you respond to different types of care and communicate these things to yourself and your practitioners. Keep a journal of how you are responding to different avenues of care.Allow yourself to hear your own voice and notice what's working and what isn't working. It took some time to learn that, but it's the reason I do what I do now. 

Meditation isn't a quick fix, but it is a very valuable and useful tool in helping me to connect with the inner voice, so that I can be able to more clearly respond to what works and what doesn't. Reactivity slams the door shut on possibility because of fear and stress. Responsiveness allows us to explore new options, sometimes creative options that may be able to open new doors for our own healing. We have to cultivate that responsiveness and meditation is a great tool in doing that.I've been in business for two years now (doing both volunteer and paid work) and I am honored to see that every person I've taught has responded beautifully to what is often times their very first time meditating. It is accessible and I truly believe, possible for everyone to do it given proper guidance and a regular practice. PTSD may appear to be a barrier to the quiet mind, but I've learned that it is really an open door inviting us in. Those who've told me they didn't think they could do it are always those surprised at the end.....that they were able to do it....

Thanks always goes out to the troops who pointed me in the right direction.
I'm pretty sure this path was predetermined for me.

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dsfsdf on Thursday, March 23, 2017 12:43 AM
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best essayhelp on Saturday, March 25, 2017 11:49 AM
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