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Fear only wins when we let it

How do we stay in balance when the world feels and appears grossly out of balance?  When traumatic events take place in this day and age, we all know about it. We all experience it together. We are all impacted by it as a human race. We've seen the response as the globe became suddenly smaller over the last week or so.  There are many energies at play pulling us in many, many directions. It can be so confusing, disconcerting, draining, maddening, and well, traumatizing. 

When we watch traumatic events unfolding on the news, our bodies stress response is the same as if we were right there and it was happening to us. The body doesn't discern between what is happening right now to you and what you are watching happen to someone else. This is why we feel stress when we watch something stressful. This is also why it can be hard to sleep after watching something traumatic in a movie. The fears we experience are real and stress hormones, are stress hormones. 

We don't have different stress hormones for our own fear and for someone else's fear. They are the same. So when someone has PTSD and they watch the continuing news reel of something traumatic, tell me what they are now training in their brain?   They are training more fear and more stress hormones.

I am the kind of person who makes it a point to know what's happening in the world, but I am also someone who lives with PTSD and is highly sensitive to the suffering of others. It can be a tricky balance sometimes with the desire for more knowledge and understanding coupled with the fact that there is no doubt the media is a trigger for me. 

So how can we stay informed, connected, and part of what's happening in the world without ourselves now becoming triggered?  

It is important to know that staying informed and becoming hooked on a loop of a story that continues to make you feel physically ill are two different things. When media coverage is having a negative impact on your health, it is time to step away........never because you don't care about what's happening, but because there is enough suffering in the world to go around; what we need are people who can find balance in the chaos. 

We must be careful where we place our energy. If we allow ourselves to become afraid of what we see, that is the pathway that is paved. If we allow ourselves to see the humanity, compassion, and love that has arisen because of these events, that is the pathway that is paved.  The world comes together in many ways and in pockets of the population there are those learning to find balance in the midst of the chaos because we must still wake up each day and live the life that has been set before us. 

This blog, this site, and the work that I do is that one small way in which I wish to help those who are suffering find peace in the chaos. 

My heart goes out to the people of France, but also to the people of many countries who are in great conflict, strife, and war. Many of you come here searching for something to help you understand, to help you feel less alone in your suffering. Always remember that pain may be inevitable in our situations, but suffering is only an option if we choose it.  We have seen many people rise from broken-ness to prove that fear only wins when we let it. 

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