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The Search for Something Positive

What is it that will shift your focus from the negative aspects of what is happening in the world to the positive? Have you ever gone looking for good news? Or do you look at the negative and repeat to yourself, "There's never anything good in the news? Look at all this stuff. Everyday there's something else happening that's bad."

As someone who works in energy, I am highly aware and sensitive to the fact that everything is energy. Words are vibration. If you aren't sure if that's true, read through a few of my blog posts and reflect on how you feel after you read them. If it is different than how you felt prior to the reading them, you picked up on the vibration of them.

We are always reading and discerning energy. It is part of human nature, but it is a part that we often don't think about. So when we put our attention on negative news and outcomes over and over again, we are aligning our focus with lots of negative vibration. This then paves that pathway in our brain to focus on the negative.

Remember back to some other posts I wrote about how you cannot feel fear and gratitude at the same time, it's physiologically impossible because of how our body creates and processes stress hormones. So if you are focusing on the negative news, you are going to keep getting negative news because this is what you are aligning with. You can't really take notice and align with the positive, if you are always seeking the negative. Are you hearing what I'm saying?  

When we are in a state of gratitude, more things to feel grateful for will show up in our consciousness.  I know, I don't have to believe me. I didn't believe that ten years ago either until I stopped aligning with things that were triggering me and started to shift my attention to things that helped me to feel calm, connected, and grateful.  
Everybody arrives at this in their own way and in their own time, so there's no hurry to get there. Take some little steps to replace the negative with something positive and see what comes for you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised what takes place when you begin to shift your focus. 

I can hear some asking, "But what about feelings of being outraged and knowing that change needs take place?" Well, outrage in and of itself is not necessarily negative. Some of the greatest triumphs in the world came from outrage. When there is light, there is always dark present, and when there is dark there is always light present. You see you can't have one without the other. Change can be propelled from a place of calm, steadfast energy that is simply persistent, unwavering, and strategic. 

Where in your life can you be calm, steadfast, persistent, unwavering, and strategic........
instead of angry, bitter, resentful, hurt, helpless, broken.........

Which energy would you prefer to subscribe to?  The first set or the second?

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