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Never to pretend they can't see again

There is great power to overcome, simply by moving through. We cannot stomp down the difficulties, the setbacks, the endless array of challenges, but we can defiantly move through them. Think of all the things you believe are holding you back as a dense fog. The fog doesn't allow you to see more than a couple feet in front of you. There is light, there is dark, but nothing feels clear. You know there is something on the other side of the fog and you can see that there is light up ahead, but the only way to reach that light and to truly find out what's waiting for you is to keep moving through it, keeping your senses alert, staying aware, and knowing that as the fog begins to lift, you will reach the light. 

The challenges in my life have been many. Some far greater and more fantastical than most people would even begin to believe, but I take every single one of those glorious moments and have made them part of the tool belt of what I do now.  I once believed things that weren't true both of myself and of others, but life has truly shown me what it has to offer and I can tell you from the vantage point I stand at now....the view is spectacular and there is no going back.

You cannot rely on others to walk through the fog for you and you cannot ask others to relay what's up ahead. It is a path that only you can walk and only you can truly experience. It can be challenging when there are people around you that appear to hold you back, but it is all just an illusion. The only thing that holds you back is the thinking of thoughts that makes you believe you're being held back. You might have to re-read that a few times over to get the full scope of it.

Not all are trustworthy. Not all are truthful. Not all are willing to listen. Not all are willing to speak. Some take advantage of weakness. But you, you must prove to be trustworthy with yourself, truthful with your own mind, willing to listen to only thoughts that set you on a path of healing and wholeness, and be willing to speak with your own voice for what it is that you need most in your life right now.

We cannot change the past nor would I like to go back and do so. I know that every person who has stepped foot on my path carried a message to be delivered in the most interesting of ways. Those messages have been logged as new information in my brain and have been used to create what we have here; a sanctuary that allows people from around the world to come and recognize that they are not subhuman because they suffer from trauma, they are not broken and in need of fixing, they are not unworthy of their experiences, nor are they those who no longer need or deserve to be loved and remembered. They are also not defined by the behavior of others. 

I can't begin to thank the hundreds of people who visit here everyday from around the world for your time and attention. I have learned from great teachers, fantastic mentors, personal relationships, friendships, and even the strangers I've met along the way. I was once afraid to speak, but that has very much changed. Eyes that once searched for the meaning of life's events aren't searching anymore. They are clear, they are focused, and unwilling to ever pretend that they can't see again.

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