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Standing in our Truth

We are not able to "unsee" what we've seen, our experiences will always be part of us. 
However, we can choose where to set our sight in the current moment, as well as, from moment to moment. 

Having experienced trauma, it can be so difficult to fit into the "regular" world. Our perspective is not something that anyone else can have. It is ours and only ours, because of this we have to be consistently regulating what we allow to attach to us and what we allow ourselves to attach to.

There are so many veterans, police officers, and others that are very easily triggered by the misguided and sometimes less than educated insights about many hot topics. I don't know that a brawl of words ever solves the issue or that it ever brings someone around to your way of thinking. Generally situations like that escalate quickly because well, the nervous system is alive and active.  If you have been feeding stress, it is going to react as if you are in danger and are being threatened.  It doesn't take much to get that fired up, which means that it is even more important to be highly aware of when you are in a situation in which you feel suddenly triggered and pay attention to how often you are in those types of situations with people who are confrontational.

For me, I had to learn where to put my attention. It took me a while to figure out that I had that power over my PTSD.  Meditation helped me to tap into my ability to do that. 

If your energy is constantly put into pushing back on just about anything, then the positive energy of receiving gets blocked.  We then just draw in more and more resistance. The more resistance we get back, the more we push forward. It is a vicious cycle that can really go on for eternity if we allow it. Next time you are pushing back at something, stop. Take a deep breath and ask yourself what it is you are pushing so hard against that isn't getting you any kind of positive result. 

This is a tough topic here on the last two blog posts, but if you have PTSD, I can nearly guarantee you've had some tough relationships, tough friendships, difficult working relationships, tumultuous family situations, frustrating medical situations, and a myriad of other types of situations. We have to be careful about pushing back; that equal and opposite force is real. When we push with negativity, it gets pushed back at us just as hard. Taking a different approach in the day to day, finding ways to address issues with a foundation of assuredness, strength, and forthright knowledge of what it is we truly need, will get us so much further than the anger that makes us sick. 

Standing in the truth of what has happened to us is enough. We don't need to allow misguided, untruthful, or negative energy attach to us. The mind is a powerful tool both for good and bad.
Next time you are going to be in a situation that is a potential trigger for you, take a moment to visualize a wall of mirrors around you.  Imagine the mirrors facing outward, deflecting any and all negative energy, words, thoughts, images, etc. away from you. Don't be a sponge for the negative energy of others. You don't deserve that, nor do you have to settle for that.
No one else can have your perspective, just remember that. 

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