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Window to the World

This is my window to the world; a place nestled in the landscape of Arizona. When suffering from anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, or other conditions, we think there is no other way to be, no other way to see what we see, but most times we are wrong about that. There are other vantage points to our suffering, but they can be hard to see from depths of hopelessness and despair.

This rock formation that I'm sitting in is a place I've visited three times now. It is a bit of a hike and a climb to get to, but very worth the sense of solace when you reach it. I can see the land and my own presence in such a different way from up there. I feel different being there. How I am, however it is that I am, is always okay there. 

I've visited this cave in absolute wonder and mystery, as well as, sadness and frustration; this time I visited with purpose, a bit of fear, and lot of determination. Although frightened on my climb up and down, I welcomed my vantage point being challenged because I realize  now how distorted my view of the world had become because of my injuries and post-traumatic stress; it became a dangerous and untrusting place. 

There is clarity when you rise above the attachment to being wounded and the view is much, much different. It doesn't mean that the challenges disappear or that the triggers never cause you to react, but it does mean that you have a way to check yourself when your beliefs about yourself are out of sync with the truth. The truth is being wounded doesn't make you broken and the anger that comes from  your wounds doesn't make you a bad person. It makes you a person trying to fight your way out of your own cage. 

Take a look through your own window to the world and notice what you see, knowing there are vantage points you have not yet discovered yet. 

The photo was taken by my friend and colleague, Janise Witt. She has done many photos for me in the wilderness of Sedona and I appreciate her talent and dedication. 

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