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Subscribing to your World

Feeling safe in your own skin is the first step to feeling safe in your environment, followed by being safe in the world. We know from watching the news that there are a lot of scary things going on in the world and a lot of downright negative things taking place, but there is also a lot of good happening in the world for us to experience too.

I'm someone who likes knowing what's happening in the world, but as I have said many posts ago, it's important for me to recognize when that has become a trigger for me. I used to subscribe to believing that anything could happen at anytime and sure, maybe that's true, but I was living every single moment as if I was in mortal danger; this is the illusion that anxiety and stress can create for us. We begin believing in the negative energy, allowing to attach to us, to color our views, our mood, our way of being, and I just won't do that anymore. I know too much from where I stand that I have the power to choose in a way that I didn't even know existed just five years ago. 

The world, although full of many iniquities and dangers, does not have to be the world I live in anymore. I have met so many survivors that have turned into thrivers that are changing the world for themselves and for others. I have met people who have looked the energy of evil square in the eyes and have chosen not to move forward with more of the same leading the way. They've chosen to respect their experiences, while moving forward in a way that allows them to recognize the beauty, the peace, the calm that can and does exist within them and around them. 

It isn't an easy path because it is full of so many doubts, but it is a chipping way of beliefs that were built out of fear of the unknown. Fear has an interesting way of making us hold onto our anxiety, our depression, our status quo simply be  because that is what is familiar. The familiar at least is familiar. The unknown?  Who knows what I could discover?? Maybe I'll discover more about myself that I don't like!  Well sometimes that is exactly the case. We have to really look at ourselves, what we've been subscribing to mentally and emotionally that has developed into core beliefs. These core beliefs help us to determine the kind of world we live in from day to day, regardless of the outward circumstances. 

Take a look at the small ways in which you are coloring your world with your thoughts. Each day before you go to sleep remind yourself of one small thing you can be grateful for and then in the morning address one thing that can make your world a little better for yourself. 

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