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Weighted Blankets

I have written before about the beneficial use of weighted blankets for anxiety and PTSD. I have them for my clients in my office to use, but recently purchased one for myself to use at home due to an increase in nighttime PTSD disturbances over the last six months. I cannot say enough about the impact the weighted blanket is having on my sleep, but also on my sense of security when I wake. The blanket I have is 18lbs. and felt very heavy the first time I used it, but now it is just this normal experience that I rely every night. After waking from nightmares, I am instantly aware of how heavy the blanket is, which helps to get me into the present moment much sooner than what usually happens with the sheets, blankets, pillows, and fitted sheet torn off the bed. It is much more difficult to be restless with an 18lb blanket on your body, so everything seems to stay in place now. It's rather remarkable how helpful it has been. Prior to having the blanket at home I have the weighted blankets, of varying weights, in my office for meditation and even for Reiki clients who suffer from anxiety. Each person that uses them comments on how comforting the blankets are. 

I am not someone who is paid to review products of any kind, but did some homework on my own about how weighted blankets are used. I recognize that I am that person that has to sleep with five blankets on because I need the weight to feel safe and be able to sleep. I put two and two together and realized if I got a weighted blanket that might solve some of the issue. I used a company called SensaCalm and can't say enough about them. I appreciate that their blankets have had a positive impact on my clients, but also on me personally. 

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Jaxon Duncombe on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 4:10 AM
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The weighted blankets the beneficial use of anxiety and my clients in my office to use,recently purchased months. This peacefulwarriormeditation blog has been giving us about waking from nightmares,moment much comforting the blankets.
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